Meeting My Man

20 thoughts on “Meeting My Man”

  1. I loved reading your writing! What a fun story too. Now that i’ve found your blog I will have to have fun in the archives 🙂


  2. This was my very favorite read today. ❤️ So very thankful for transparency and your commitment to Christ and one another.


  3. Really enjoyed reading your story Brenda. I too can relate with Doug and my coming back to Christ. He brought my wife and I together and used her to bring me back to Him.
    I Thank God for her every day.


    1. Thanks, Luis! It’s amazing how God provides what we need before we even knew we needed it. I am always interested in stories like yours, and, knowing faith struggles are common nowadays, wonder what were the things she did that helped. I would love to hear your story.


  4. Wow. Beautiful story. John & I will be married 26 yrs. this April. Every day of the last 10 years, taking care of a son with muscular dytrophy, have been the most the most trying years of our marriage. You & Doug are an inspiration to us. God bless.


  5. Love love love your stories. I knew there was something special about Dr. G. He loved God and his family. I just love you both. I dont know you but i feel that special bond that you two share. Thanks for sharing.


  6. I so loved reading this! Your husband and his obedience to GOD is one of the reason’s me and my husband married. You do have a good one. What a great read!


  7. Funny how time makes you see things through primrose glasses. First off I must point out two flaws in your story. 1) “most decent man I had ever me”… Ah, you had already met me!.. after all I introduced you to him, ,,, and secondly I taught him everything he knew..
    2) There is no exaggeration.. one day I saw Doug several time a day and spent a good amount of time with thing I only saw him when he dragged himself back to the dorm at night after spending all his free time with you… I told him it was not healthy to spend that much time with you… THEN he moved to Florida to be with you, all the time. Cleary he stopped taking my advice…


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