Today I was at the store shopping for some shirts to fit my ever growing teenage son. I kinda got tired of watching him run around in tops that fit him in the fall, but now fit like the Hulk beginning a rampage.

While waiting in line, I overheard a conversation behind me. Manners Police: Hey, I’m a writer, and all those “how to write” books teach us to listen in on other conversations–it gives us realistic content for our stories. Bingo. So, here I was eaves dropping and biting my tongue. Advice not sought is rarely appreciated.

The lady behind me was commenting on being ‘oh so happy’ to be shopping alone. (I get it. Shopping alone is infinitely more relaxing than shopping with wee ones.) She went on to say she has a couple toddlers and a couple teens. The toddlers are easier than the teens because they haven’t yet figured out that her threats are all idle!


WHAT?!!!!!! No wonder her teens aren’t any fun! Pretty good chance the next ones won’t be either.

Motherhood, done well, can be a lot of work. However, motherhood done poorly (or ignorantly?) is a whole lot more work spread over a much longer period of time. Putting in some hard work early on makes the whole life of mothering so much more enjoyable, and, –what’s that “feeling” we all seek? Ah! Yes! Fulfilling!

I mentiangel-1939761_1280on motherhood done ignorantly along with the poorly because many earnest and loving parents just have no idea what they are doing wrong.

Parents, there is hope, and by looking in the right places and seeking the right advice, “You too can have that perfect child.” (Ahem. If they claim perfection, it’s not the right advice. ;P) Of course, there’s also this little bit about implementation.


I read a blog today that does an excellent job of saying what I want to say. So, instead of me painting a word picture for what has already been painted, let me share!

Happy mothering!

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