You haven’t heard from me in a while, and it’s been for good reasons.

The last two months have been breathtaking. Literally. There are nights I wake up and can’t get back to sleep, days when I wonder if there will be energy for another step. This is not normal for me, but the past two months have not been normal months.

It actually began much earlier than two months ago. As many of you know, and have been amazing by supporting me in your prayers and kind words, our son’s kidney disease took a plunge. We are still waiting for everything to be finalized and get on the transplant list. It’s almost like government work. It takes a while. Good news: I may be a match! We are still waiting for the final tests to determine if I am.

In the spring, my father fell and broke his sacrum. We were able to bring him home for a few months, but then his power chair got tangled in a space rug and toppled over with him in it. He fractured his hip. His health being poor and healing abilities low, he declined quickly and passed away last month. The good news: Dad made his peace with God and passed away in relative ease, singing with his sister over the phone just one hour before he died.

I miss you, Dad.

After Dad passed, I had to go through his stuff, get all the odd details secured, fix and repair his place and get it ready for my mom to move in.

Then we had to get mom moved, try to plan a memorial (which will take place the weekend of Thanksgiving), take care of family details–like food and clothes and minor stuff like that, go on a trip to Florida for a wedding, plan for all the out of town family coming for Thanksgiving (that part I’m excited about!), and a hundred other things…

*DEEP BREATHING* (Can you hear me?)

During this turbulence, I have been trying to finalize all the little details on my book, which is scheduled for a book launch on November 17!

Going over everyone’s work has been excruciating for someone who doesn’t care for tiny details. The formatting put us behind, as the company kept getting it messed up!

Here’s the fun of it: My story takes place in three different time periods! There is Anna in the modern era, Anna as a child, and Anna in mid-Civil War. Whew! In order to help you, the reader, I decided to put all the Anna as a child in italics. My editor and I loved how it turned out. Well, the formatting company kept changing that! I kept saying, NO! It really helps the reader know what is happening at what time!

So, just this week, I got the final pdf to meet my approval and have uploaded it all on Amazon. I’m praying really hard we have enough time to get all the prints in time for the book signing!! A book signing without books would be little fun.

It’s a practice in trust and surrender, yet I can’t help but wonder if asking God to help all this work out in time is being presumptuous. Am I getting ahead of myself? Am I prioritizing where God wants me to?

I’m asking for your continued prayers—for wisdom, diligence, and peace.

While not yet in the nuthouse, it sometimes feels like I’m living in a fragile shell! At least I’m not seeing other people in my mirror! (hint: that is a reference to my story!)

If you are in the vicinity, I would LOVE to chat with you at the book launch. No matter where you are, please check out my book! Anna’s Song: Cries From the Earth, Book 1 (A Time Travel Saga)

Meanwhile, keep smiling!

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