Resisting Fear

14 thoughts on “Resisting Fear”

  1. Over 30 years ago, I made plans to go to England, for the summer. A few days before my flight, Libya was bombed for terrorism. Everyone I knew cancelled their plans. I remembered that God stated in the Bible that our days are numbered. This was my chance to go, and I might not have another. I decided that if God decided I was to die, then it didn’t matter where I was. I might as well be doing what I wanted to do. I’ve never been sorry. I’m not reckless, but I will not live in fear.


    1. Yes, fear can deprive us of so many good experiences. England for a whole summer? What a dream! We’re called not to live in fear, but also to care for each other. Finding a good balance is sometimes a challenge.

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  2. Wonderful read Brenda! I personally will be incorporating basic yoga (which I’ve never done) into my daily routine. I’ve checked out a few sites online so that I can get started. I’m thinking this might help release/relieve some stress. Big virtual hug!


  3. My routine hasn’t change much through the week. I’m use to being home and most of the time home alone while my husband goes to work. I’m not visiting as much but trying to call. The big change comes on the weekends when I may not be able to attend church with my brothers and sisters in Christ. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be worshiping.


  4. Watching a livestreamed service from local pastor is wonderful right now especially. Comforting & calming words. And they even had the usual beautiful bouquet of flowers at the front. If this had to happen so glad for Fb messenging & texting. Talked to my 3 sibs, ( q 1 lives here) others out of states on WhatsApp. Wonderful. More time to walk pets & catch up on sleep, walks . God bless all.


  5. I have been baking bread and quilting. This glow down period has been good for me. It has quieted my mind. My calendar used to be so full! Now doll of those things have a big X over them. Our highlight is picking up curbside groceries! It has given me time to reflect more on Gods provision and I’m thankful for that. I do miss my family, including those sweet grand babies, and my church family. I’ve made lots of calls, sent lots of cards, and am hosting a Zoom Bible study meeting every Sunday morning.


  6. Yes, it’s amazing how not filling the calendar frees us to focus on other things. I can almost smell your bread baking! Glad you’re able to stay in touch and be an encouragement to others.


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