In the beginning was the word.

Ever since I was the proverbial knee-high to a grasshopper, I wanted to imitate that Great Creator in my own small way: playing with words and the power of story and imagination.

I have a few passions that I hope to include in what I write.

1. God, and little things I am learning about being His.

2. My family–Yay! I’m a grandma! (Oh, priorities!) I am a very happy wife to one normally happy man. After over three decades of marriage, he’s still who I love to hang out with. I am mother to four; three are married (did I mention that I am a grandma?) and there’s one remnant child I am still schooling at home.Family Christmas 2018.jpeg

That’s me, the dark haired lady with glasses, holding the most adorable two year old ever. My daughter is the blond to the left, her husband on the far left. They’re the ones responsible for all the blond boys. My three sons and hubby are on the back row, and my daughters-in-law to my right.  I love my family. Did I say that already?

3. In 2018 our oldest son went into kidney failure. He was born with kidney disease, so this was not all together a surprise, but still hit our family pretty hard. I have matched and been approved as a donor, so will be moving forward with transplant surgery. I will write about out experiences along this road in our lives.

4. My writing! My debut novel, Anna’s Song, came out in November of 2018. I’m currently working on book two of the series.

4. I am nuts about travel. Fortunately for me, we have been able to do a good bit with our kids, and have more trips planned. I would love to share some of those adventures with you.

There was a time I considered myself well-traveled, but then some dear young ladies gave me a Christmas gift. This gift was a map of the world to hang on my wall. Said map has a special scratch-off coating to be removed whenever I visit a particular country. I enthusiastically began scratching away, only to be left with the very depressing fact that I have barely touched what is out there. Thank you, ladies, for bursting my bubble.

“Yeah, well!”

Thanks for joining me as we live to smile yet another day!