Travel Fever On A Budget

I have travel fever. It’s contagious. I got it from my husband, and we passed it to our children. I’ve been working on organizing the next family vacation, and as frustrating and time consuming as it can be, the payoff is always amazing.

Doug and I started traveling together when we were newly married, living on barely more than love and Ramen noodles. At times, travel included sleeping in the back of the car. We progressed to saving enough to backpack through Europe for six weeks, also done on a shoestring budget, and included a few overnights on the train with our rail passes. Once or twice we even took turns sleeping while at the train station because the hotels were out of reach for our budget. We had a blast, but needless to say, did not have children at the time. We haven’t had to travel that bare bones in a while, but I will never outgrow my delight in finding a bargain.

Today, I thought I would write a bit about traveling outside of the U.S. on a budget.

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Making A Difference

“So, if you were to do it all over again, would you choose to stay at home? I mean, do you really think you feel fulfilled and all?”

The question caught me off guard. It came from a young lady very dear to me who is trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life.

To be a stay at home mom. That was one of the biggest decisions I made years ago, and the ripple effects have influenced the lives of many more than my own.

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So how is the story progressing? Rather slowly! I did get other important things taken care of–like taking my mom to the hospital. She is doing well now. Time is such a precious thing and as our parents age we realize more and more how precious it is! I did get several thousand words down, … Continue reading Urggg…