My debut novel, Anna’s Song, is here!

Thank you to all who made the book launch a success!  Anna’s Song is available here.

Anna_s Song 1 (1)


Here’s a summary of the story:

Anna Marie’s identical twin, Adeline, has disappeared and she will do anything to find her. Everyone believes Adeline is dead, but Anna knows better.

With a rare form of synesthesia, Anna perceives people as sounds or songs. This connection is strongest with her twin, and Anna can still hear Adeline’s song.

After Anna sees her sister’s reflection in the mirror holding up a newspaper, she is convinced she has lost her mind. Then she meets Jacob. He’s tall and handsome, with odd, but charming old-fashioned manners, and claims to be from 1865.

When her search for Adeline plunges Anna Marie back to mid Civil War Missouri, she is taken in by the Dickerson family. Soon, trouble follows. Forced from their home, the Dickersons flee south to their people in Arkansas. The war-ravaged countryside is full of danger: gangs, hunger and disease. Through moments of laughter and hours of tears, the small group of refugees cling to each other, trying to survive. Amidst the chaos of her life, Anna clings to one glimmer of hope. She can still hear her sister’s song.

Can she survive as a wartime refugee and help the family that has done so much for her? Will her search for Adeline lead her to discover more than she bargained for? Will she learn what love really is? Will Anna find a song of her own?