So how is the story progressing? Rather slowly! I did get other important things taken care of–like taking my mom to the hospital. She is doing well now. Time is such a precious thing and as our parents age we realize more and more how precious it is! I did get several thousand words down, … Continue reading Urggg…

Jump In!

A few days ago I spent time in the local ER with my mom. She’s doing fine now, thank you. Some of her meds had been readjusted and her body decided to protest, giving us all a bit of adrenaline we could do without.

While in the Emergency Room, one of mom’s nurses came up to me.

“So,” She said. “If I die ten years younger than I would have otherwise, I want you to know it is your husband’s fault.”


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The Perfect Day

So, here’s the plan!

In one of the many writing books I’ve been reading, the author mentioned doing your highest priority item first thing in the morning, in that manner you mentally form the habit. In the book’s case, that meant writing.

I acknowledge the author is correct. What I tend to put first in my day becomes habit because I have made it a priority. I disagree, however, that writing is my first place priority. So, first thing in the morning, after yawning my way to my son’s room to make sure he is awake, I determine to have my devotions.

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To Tell A Tale

After years of my imagination misplacing my attention at the most inopportune times (Oops! That exit was twenty miles back! or Sorry Pastor, what you were saying got me to thinking just a bit off topic) I’ve been challenged to see if I have what it takes to make the switch. Switch from being a person who likes to … Continue reading To Tell A Tale