Dreams Do Come True

Dreams for the future.  There are the big dreams: my children loving and obeying the Lord, living long and healthy lives, having lots and lots of grandchildren who will then grow up to love and serve the Lord. These are the most important dreams, the ones we would die to see fulfilled. Then there’s the … Continue reading Dreams Do Come True

Got Water?

Do you ever have a moment when something you’ve read hundreds of times hits you with a new insight you can’t believe you missed before? I had one of those moments this morning while reading the gospel of John. The contrast of how the Jews and the Samaritans reacted to the Savior struck me hard. … Continue reading Got Water?

How to be a Writer

“The next time you kill me,” my five year old grandson’s words caught my attention, “make sure I’m under the ground so I will be buried, ok?” I turned to my daughter, brows arched in question. She shrugged and continued typing on her laptop. “Computer game,” she said, “with his brothers.” I laughed. “Great opening … Continue reading How to be a Writer