Dreams Do Come True

Dreams for the future.  There are the big dreams: my children loving and obeying the Lord, living long and healthy lives, having lots and lots of grandchildren who will then grow up to love and serve the Lord. These are the most important dreams, the ones we would die to see fulfilled. Then there’s the … Continue reading Dreams Do Come True

Roman Forum

Our adventure continues! Day 2 of our trip began with a full schedule, beginning with a tour through the Roman Colosseum. See previous post. Still trying to wrap our heads around the enormity of what we saw, we took off down the Via Sacra and into what was once the busiest official district of Ancient … Continue reading Roman Forum

Rome! Day 1

I despise overnight flights to Europe. Maybe if I was willing to pay the extra to get first class tickets, I would feel differently. The seats are too close to scoot down, too straight to lean back, and too narrow to lean on anything. The stewards do their rounds with drinks, then snacks, then drinks. … Continue reading Rome! Day 1