So, here’s the plan!

In one of the many writing books I’ve been reading, the author mentioned doing your highest priority item first thing in the morning, in that manner you mentally form the habit. In the book’s case, that meant writing.

I acknowledge the author is correct. What I tend to put first in my day becomes habit because I have made it a priority. I disagree, however, that writing is my first place priority. So, first thing in the morning, after yawning my way to my son’s room to make sure he is awake, I determine to have my devotions.

This year I am making my way through the One Year Study Bible, on audio, with my iphone. While I listen, I can do other brainless tasks. Like make my bed, stick a load in the wash, brew that necessary cup of coffee, and stand dumbly in front of the fridge staring at its inerds to determine what healthy option I can coax my son into eating.

Next: feed the boy. Drink my coffee. Review what today’s schedule requires.

Once I’ve made sure the internet connection is working appropriately (my son does live online classes through Veritas Scholars Academy and since we have country internet, it isn’t always reliable!) I head upstairs to do what I most hate to do.  The treadmill.

Treadmills and anything requiring walking/running at an uncomfortable pace which causes ridiculous amounts of perspiration? Just not my thing. However, over the past few years the aging process has brought about unusual knee and foot problems and the less I do, the more they flare. If I don’t fight it now, I might not ever get over it.

I find watching an intense program of just the right length helps me focus past the discomfort. Right now, am watching Blacklist. Love the dialogue, and it makes me feel like running. Are there really that many awful people in the world? I know, it’s just a show.

Perspiring like someone facing a firing squad, I finish my running, switch the clothes to the dryer, head downstairs to check on my son. If all is well, I am free for that all necessary shower.

I’m human again! Now back downstairs, check emails and my husband’s websites (I am trying to manage PR for him.

Plan supper. My daughter-in-law and I spent a Saturday cooking a bunch of entrees and freezing them in order to free up time during the week. So now is the time to pull out that frozen entrée, pre-prep some veggies and salad. Clean the kitchen, and do quick clean-up. Check on the garden, organize chores.

Fold those clothes.

By now it is usually time to get lunch ready. Eat, another quick clean up. Check on my son’s progress and homework needed for the day. I help where needed. If he doesn’t need help—I might be free!

My goal is to get in one hour a day twice a week, two hours three times a week.

Twice a week my son has music lessons that I get to chauffeur for. My father has dialysis three times a week, and rides the county medical transport back and forth for that. They will also take him to Walmart, but he can’t carry all his groceries in his wheelchair. So one of those music days, I meet him at Walmart to pick up groceries. The other music lesson day is the day I try to take him and my mom wherever else they need to go in town. Those two days are hard to get anything much done on the keyboard.

Before my husband gets home, I try to make sure the house is as welcoming as I can make it. He has a high stress job, and home is his sanctuary. Maybe I will blog sometime on ways I try to make it that for him.

Once Doug is home, the computer rarely comes out. He wants my time—needs it really, and attention. We always have dinner as a family. In the evening we often watch a movie or read by the fire or something along those lines. This is his time to talk and unload or just chill. Sometimes we go to Barnes and Noble where our son enjoys joining us with books and coffee.

Once in a while, if I’m not too wiped out, I can catch a moment to write before bed.

That’s the plan, and so far how the “ideal” days have gone!